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Dr. Robin was interviewed about her thoughts on yoga injuries for The Canadian Press. >Article Link<

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Dr. Robin gave her thoughts on 'high risk' yoga poses for the American Council of Exercise magazine. >Article Link<

Yoga Therapy / Yoga Rehab

Yoga Rehab is a unique type of yoga therapy developed by Dr. Robin. It is a one on one yoga based rehabilitation session using yoga as a therapeutic tool for overcoming injury and pain. Issues such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, hip, pelvic, knee, wrist pain and others can benefit. Yoga Rehab is also an excellent tool to improve poor posture, or get focused attention on your yoga practice to determine the cause of a chronic injury.

A typical session will include a mixture of traditional yogic exercises and modern rehabilitative techniques applied to yoga. Your initial meeting will include a discussion of your health history and concerns, a thorough examination, and observation of your movement to discover the source of your injury. Sessions may include pranayama (breathing), restorative yoga poses, rehabilitative exercise, and traditional yoga postures.

Yoga Rehab can help you relieve pain, improve physical well being, and return to a fulfilling yoga practice and life.

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