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Dr. Robin was interviewed about her thoughts on yoga injuries for The Canadian Press. >Article Link<

Ace Fitness
Dr. Robin gave her thoughts on 'high risk' yoga poses for the American Council of Exercise magazine. >Article Link<

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Dr. Robin appears in the Lululemon ad: "What's your intention?"

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Dr. Robin interviewed in Esperanza magazine on the positive impact yoga can have on people with anxiety & depression.

Traditional Chiropractic

Chiropractors focus on the health of the joints of the body, particularly the spine. Through a variety of hands on tests, Dr. Robin determines which areas are not moving as well as they should, how this is affecting the overall function of the body, and if an irritation of the nerves is involved. The main tool chiropractors use to correct this is the adjustment, or spinal manipulation. Dr. Robin will determine which type of chiropractic adjustment is suitable for you based on your condition, your age, your bone health, and your personal preference.

The goal of the adjustment is to decrease pain, increase function, and get you moving and feeling your best.

Active Release Technique®

In additional to her chiropractic training, Dr. Robin is a certified provider of Active Release Technique® (A.R.T). This hands-on therapy, a form of myofascial release, addresses the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues. Scar tissue can form in muscles over time from a sudden injury, or from repetitive strain. Repetitive strain includes repeating motions (such as clicking a computer mouse, or pedaling a bicycle) or by maintaining one posture for a time (such as sitting).

A.R.T.® uses motion to lengthen the muscles, while the scarred tissue is held in place, thus gradually breaking down the scar tissue to be absorbed into the body's blood stream. The body will then lay down new muscle fibres, in the proper alignment for the body's health.

A.R.T.® enables Dr. Robin to treat a variety of conditions beyond the spine, allowing her to take a full body approach to your health.

Custom Foot Orthotics

When we walk, the foot naturally rolls from inward (pronation) to outward (supination). Sometimes when one of these foot motions is exaggerated problems can happen in the feet or further up the chain of the body into the knee, hips, back and even up to the neck.

An orthotic is an insert that is put into your shoe, which corrects abnormal movement patterns of the feet. Dr. Robin has taken additional courses in orthotic therapy that allows her to diagnose problems and design suitable orthotics to correct problems. A foam cast of your foot is made, with specific designs made for your problem so that each orthotic is custom fit for each person.

Don't let an easily correctible problem in your feet slow you down from doing what you love.

Conditions Treated

sports injuries • carpal tunnel syndrome • tennis elbow • headaches • low back pain • plantar fasciitis • tendonitis • knee pain • swimmers shoulder • sciatica • numbness/tingling • hip pain • ankle/foot pain • wrist pain • neck and back tension • rotator cuff injury • frozen shoulder • general stiffness • IT Band syndrome • dance overuse injuries • pregnancy care • and more ...


Dr. Armstrong practices at Willowbrook Chiropractic in Langley.

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